Monday, September 29, 2008

we knew


Unknown said...

Right Father.

So Clay Aiken posing with his child in a display of truth about his sexuality is to legitimize his homosexual actions.

The use of a contrived Kodak moment with the goal of transferring the beauty,goodness and innocence of the child to his disordered lifestyle falls flat by its unsound premise.

Aiken would be well served to seek and acknowledge the truth of his misguided logic.

Ellen said...

As my son would say, "thank you Captain Obvious!"

Smiley said...

and we dont really care. Try explaining that to the son you fathered. was he a mistake? or were you not gay then? if you knew today that you were gay back then would you have had him aborted?
Are you tired of living a lie? or are you tired of ling to yourself?