Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life at Castelgandolfo

Hi, everyone.  Sorry for the lack of blogging for the past week; I was away for a few days.  I'll write about my trip in the days to come.

Meanwhile, the gang at the Chiesa website has the English translation for an interview with Saverio Petrillo, who is in charge of the Papal villa at Castelgandolfo.  He speaks about his experiences with "Popes on vacation", since the days of Pius XII.

Want to know about women in Pope Pacelli's bed? Or Pope Roncalli AWOL?  Check out the article by clicking here.


Larry Denninger said...

HI Father - just found your blog, and when I saw that you're a hockey enthusiast, I knew I had to add your blog to my "catablogue". May God bless you in New Jersey - at least you have a choice of 4 franchises to follow (Isles, Rangers, Devils, Flyers) - and in your ministry.

From a devout Catholic Red Wings fan.

Unknown said...

Hockey Moms and now Hockey Priests.

Too bad Wayne Gretzgy did not enter the seminary. There is a former professional soccer player, however, at Mount Saint Mary Seminary this year.