Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Synod resources

On today's feast of the great Scripture scholar St. Jerome, it's appropriate to give you some links to follow the Church's upcoming Synod of Bishops on "The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church", which is soon to begin in Rome and run through the month of October.  I know this is going on in October, because I was hoping to get to Rome for a little visit, and trying to get a room in Rome while one of these Synods is going on is darn near impossible.  Anyway, here's the links:
  • The "Lineamenta" for the Synod can be found HERE.  Once the Pope decides to call for a convocation of the worldwide Synod on a topic of his choosing, the permanent office for the Synod of Bishops create the outline for developing and presenting the Synod topic. This is sent to bishops around the world for their suggestions, comments, etc. 
  • The "Instrumentum Laboris" (the working document that is created based on the Lineamenta and the responses from the Bishops) can be found HERE.  Based on the Instrumentum Laboris, the Bishops of the Synod will now come together in October and debate its contents, tweak it, refine it, etc.
  • The logistical information (for those who love to know the details) from the Vatican can be found by clicking HERE.
  • Jeff Cavin's Great Adventure Bible Study program has a website which will give a bunch of resources about the Synod, including podcasts, tutorials, news reports, and documents.

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