Thursday, November 01, 2007

Comedy Relief

This has nothing to do with the normal, "Church" topics that this blog usually features. But it's one of my favorite commercials.

For the "hockey ignorant", Daniel and Henrik Sedin are identical twin brothers who play on the Vancouver Canucks. Also, at the end when they talk about how much money they made, a "Looney" is a Canadian one dollar coin (because it has a Loon on it), and a "Tooney" is the Canadian two dollar coin (probably because it rhymes with "Looney" and has the obvious connection to "Looney Tunes").


canon1753 said...

Thanks Fr. Jay! We, Anawim of hockey fans need to make the rest of the US remember hockey and its greatness. I'm actually watching My B's tie the Sabres going into OT.

Hope all is well!


Teresa B. said...

Though I am a Habs fan that is a very funny commercial.

Pax Christi,
Teresa B.