Friday, November 02, 2007

All Saints Day in Alpha, NJ

Yesterday's Solemnity of All Saints saw a "first" at my parish. Inspired by a classmate in Rhode Island who does something similar at his parish, I put out a display of all the relics of Saints that I, my pastor, and the parish possess. Here are some pictures; first, the "far off" view:

And now, the "close up" view:

In all, there were the relics of 33 Saints of the Church: Agatha, Agnes, Albert the Great, Ambrose, Anselm, Anthony of Padua, Augustine, Bonaventure, Catherine Laboure, Charles Borromeo, Elizabeth Seton, Gregory the Great, James the Greater, Jerome, John Chrysostom, John Neumann, John of the Cross, John Vianney, Josemaria Escriva, Laurence, Leo the Great, Lucy, Maria Goretti, Monica, Philip Neri, Pio of Pietrelcino, Pope Pius V, Pope Pius X, Robert Bellarmine, Theresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, Thomas Aquinas, and Vincent DePaul. Add to that the relics of Saints Clement and Perpetua which were encased in the altar on the day of their dedication in 1961, and a white zucchetto worn by the Servant of God, Pope John Paul II, and it was a great reminder of the "great cloud of witnesses" who spur us on to holiness.


Victoria said...

What a great idea to display the relics. Father, what did the congregation think of them?

Where is the tabernacle?

Anonymous said...