Saturday, November 10, 2007

But, "I gotta be meeeeeeeeeee"

Check out this article from the Catholic News Agency.

Evidently, a Jesuit Priest at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia used the Sunday evening Mass to announce to everyone in attendance what he called one of the "worst-kept secrets on campus": that he is (in the words of New Jersey's previous governor), a "gay American". Thankfully, though, he didn't get into specifics about what went on on campus that made his homosexuality such a badly kept secret.

Well, Fr. Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International has written an open letter to the priest, in part, saying, "Holy Mass is not a forum for your self-expression.", and, "Not only do you owe them an apology, you owe them a better example of priesthood,".

Amen! If the start and the end are like that, imagine the middle. See Fr. Euteneuer's whole letter by clicking here.

PS - once Homiletic & Pastoral Review updates their website to post the articles in this month's issue, check out an article on Priestly narcissism. Also included in the article: what's behind the growing phenomenon of the "obligation" to applaud the choir at the end of Mass. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Anoter person pointed out "Also the term Gay and Priest are not compatible words.... Once an individual calls them self "Gay".... they are accepting a political and moral mindset in opposition to Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium...."

This is a valid point that is never talked about. If a heterosexual (which actually we all are by biological design - misappropriation of genitalia to non genitive acts does not create a "second way")... At any rate, if a heterosexual priest announced from the pulpet he was a "swinger" (uh, but celibate, but supporting and there to minister to the swinger community) wouldn't we all be a little nonplussed?

Well not all would be. But shouldn't we be?

Sharing your temptations in this particularly insidious fashion - in the context of Holy Mass - hardly seems to be pro-celibacy or solidarity with Church teaching. It is just plain dissident.