Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Advent Cards?

Just wondering, anyone ever see greeting cards for Advent? You know, something like, "Have a good Advent", or, "Advent is when we take the time to prepare for our Savior's coming. Hope you make good use of it."

If you know of any place that sells them, let me know. If not, and I gave you the idea that you'll make a small fortune off of, then give me like 25% of the profits or I'll start praying those cursing psalms against you.


Anonymous said...

hmmm... printery house doesn't even have advent cards... I did find ecards by googling it.

25% is a little steep... would you go for 10%????

Anonymous said...

Here are some:
They are blackline cards that you use colored pencils to finish. That company is awesome for Catholic families.

We sent cards a few years ago... they didn't say "Advent" on them but they had a picture of a pregnant Mary and something like "prepare ye" on the inside message. I've been looking for Advent cards ever since and have had little luck finding them.

Anonymous said...

Father let's design some and print em up!

Blogging for free pays so precious little... We could both use some more cash.

SWP said...

I've been searching for a Happy Pentecost card for years now.
Conception Abbey has one with an icon on the front and blank inside.

I want in.

SWP said...

Oh-- and you can go to American Catholic's e-greetings for an Advent e-card if you'd rather send it electronically.

There's also http://www.monasteryicons.com/monasteryicons/Icon-ECards_E10.html

but I don't think they have Advent.