Thursday, March 26, 2009

War of the Worlds

As the weather is becoming more spring-like than winter-like, I'm spending more and more of my days off wandering on the back roads, away from the big highways that transect New Jersey.  Yes, the highway will get you there faster, but the "road less traveled" is much more fun.

Yesterday I meandered southward, and found myself in the town of Grover's Mill.  THE "Grover's Mill, New Jersey".

Anyone?  Anyone?  (the hint is in the title of this entry)

It was in the town of Grover's Mill that Orson Welles told listeners invading Martians had landed, during Mercury Theater's October 30, 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds.  They've even got a monument to commemorate their role in this national panic (it is said that twelve million people heard the broadcast and feared for their lives).

NOW, lest I start to get the "Father, whaddya do that's, y'know, priestly?" queries, last night was our Lenten penance service.  Not a bad crowd, considering we had a huge turnout for confessions a few weeks ago at our parish mission.

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Jeffrey Pinyan said...

That's pretty close to where I live (and worship), Father. I'm a Princetonian (but on the West Windsor side of Route 1), and my parish is in Plainsboro, a neighbor of Grover's Mill.