Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Day Seven

This morning, the sun is out and the kiddies are back in school.  Yesterday at this time, though, we were getting the first serious snow of the season.  What a difference a day makes.

A "snowed in" day is a treat in a parish.  Things are a little quieter and you get the chance to tackle things that you may not have had time for previously.  For me, it was the day to do my income taxes.  The rule is simple in my life (and in my head it reads like a law):
"Taxes shall be done on the first 'snow day' of the new year, following the time when I have my W-2 forms.  If I get to April 1, and there have been no snowy days, then taxes must be done in the next available patch of three hours of open time."
So the first part of yesterday, following the 7am Mass in which 2 "diehards" came out in the snow for Mass, was spent with my calculator and a pile of receipts from 2008.

Today, Tuesday, marks "Day 7" since Ash Wednesday.  How is (are) the resolution(s) going?


Jeffrey Pinyan said...

My "prayer and fasting" regiment suffered a bit yesterday because of the snow. I find it much easier to really be fasting when I'm at work, rather than spending the day at home.

Anonymous said...

It is lent for sure.
I won't be getting any awards for being the friendliest right now.

Gregg the Obscure said...

Well . . . prayer and readings are going very well. Haven't started almsgiving yet. Fasting has had a couple glitches. Yesterday morning I unthinkingly took and ate a homemade cookie offered by a colleague at work. Also appear to have been too ambitious regarding fasting from alcohol.