Friday, March 06, 2009

The true sign that Lent is here!

I just got back in my room after Stations of the Cross.  For Young Fogeys everywhere, you know Lent has truly arrived when your knees ache and your quadriceps burn after going up and down fourteen times for the recitation of the Stations (more if your parish included Benediction).

This, of course, is only the first part of the pain.  The next is to come tomorrow morning, when I get out of bed, take those first few steps, and wonder to myself, "Who came in here last night and beat my legs with a two-by-four while I was sleeping?"

Times like this I remember that, all over the country, there are people who pay top dollar to have a personal trainer make their muscles feel the way mine feel right now.

Ah, Catholic Pilates, um, I mean, Stations of the Cross.  Gotta love 'em!  Now if I could just come up with some devotional that works the abs.


Ellen said...

And on Good Friday we are serenaded with "let us kneel" followed by "let us stand!" After two knee surgeries, it gets even harder and harder to do!

Unknown said...

"A devotional that works the abs" ...I literally laughed out loud... thanks for your humor :)