Monday, March 23, 2009

Lenten Penance Services

I spent some time this afternoon hearing confessions at Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, NJ (a school located in the Diocese of Trenton, but we have kids from the parish who are students there).  On the way home, I began to think of past blog entries in which I wrote about this time of year when communal penance service are abundant.  Check out these past blog entries:

Young Fogeys: Dec. 14, 2006 "Confessions: Quality or Quantity?"
Young Fogeys: Mar. 20, 2007 "Confession, Penance, Reconcilation, whatever it's being called this week"
Young Fogeys: Feb. 28, 2008 "Reflections on Penance Services"

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Kat said...


One of the most heartening things I saw at my parish's penance service this lent was looking over to another side of the church while I was lining up for a particular priest was to see one of the priests going to confession before he herd confessions.