Monday, July 02, 2007

Serratelli's Second Slice of the Sacred

This past June 19, I posted Paterson Bishop Arthur Serratelli's first installment of a 3-part reflection on the sacred. He has now published part two. As before, here's the link to the whole article, and here's some "teasers" from it:
  • "The Liturgy of the Church is a moment where all the dimensions of our lives come before the living God. It is the place where we have an active encounter with God."
  • "The more we realize we are coming into the Presence of God in Church, the more respectful and reverent our whole person becomes. Chewing gum in Church, loud talking, beach attire and immodest dress simply do not belong!"
  • "We are not just spirit when we pray. We pray in our total reality as body and spirit. And so, to recapture the sense of the sacred, therefore, we need to express our reverence through our body language."
  • "The priest is merely the servant of the Liturgy, not its creator or center."

Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Link to the second article is dead.

Father Jay Toborowsky said...

I just tried to fix it, and the error is in the Paterson Diocese website, not on mine. You can get the article by going on the Paterson diocesan website, click on the bishop's columns, and look on the archives for the article titled "recovery of the sacred"