Friday, July 27, 2007

PGN: Year of Prayer for Vocations

This week's episode of Proclaim the Good News has been posted. In the episode, I spoke with Fr. Randy Vashon, the Metuchen vocations director, about the plan for a year dedicated to prayer for vocations to the priesthood and religious life in the Diocese of Metuchen. Fr. Randy just returned from a trip to Rome, during which he had two monstrances blessed by Pope Benedict at the Wednesday General Audience on July 4th.

Here's a picture I found on the L'Osservatore Romano photo database (please excuse the watermark) in which you can plainly see the two monstrances. These were on a table in the audience hall (along with what is obviously other stuff VIPs wanted B16 to bless). These monstrances, now back in the USA, will "tour" the diocese as different parishes, schools, and religious houses offer Holy Hours of prayer for vocations. Check out the show.

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