Monday, July 23, 2007

Danger, Will Robinson...

Be warned, this video contains some anti-Catholic bias that may bump up your blood pressure a few points. "Why post it?", you ask? I think it's so obviously biased and demeaning that it has moved beyond damaging to funny. The clip is meant to be coverage of the "open house weekend" that developers offered this past weekend to prospective homeowners and merchants on the property surrounding Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida. Take a look at the clip, as ABC's Good Morning America showed it:

O.K.? Done watching? Now ask yourself these questions...

  1. Did you know something was up when the news anchor used words like "controversy" and "ruckus" in the first ten seconds of the news segment?
  2. Did you catch the graphic on the bottom of the screen at the opening? "Bibletown"? Would ABC news ever dare to call someplace "Korantown" or "Talmudtown"?
  3. The town of Ave Maria "opening its gates for the first time" (As if we're getting a tour of Graceland or something). Well, of course, it's the first time: They're still building it! There wasn't much to see before they finished model homes for each of the different types of homes available to buy except some mud, grass, and a few piles of wood.
  4. The narrator's, "This town isn't being built for golfers or retirees; it's being built for Christians". Yeah, because the mainstream media assumes that Catholics don't do things like, you know, play golf or retire.
  5. Could you hear the almost sadness in the reporter that there are no adult book stores or strip clubs being planned in the new community? Even in her attempt at humor, "Let's just say that the devil isn't in the details.", her undertone is, "Oh, silly, superstitious, unenlightened, never-had-high-tea-at-The-Plaza, Catholics."
  6. Did you catch the desperate editing job to cut off the O'Sheas' response, as they were about to give the reporter a catechesis on same sex attraction?
  7. Didn't you love the obligatory attempt to warn Catholics that the ACLU will be watching this development closely?

The bottom line of the development is this: If it's not for you, don't move in. If a developer were building a residential development for, let's say, nudists, would the ACLU be so determined to "watch them closely"? Well, maybe some of them, but that's not the point. Let me try again: Would ABC News have that demeaning tone of voice in reporting that a group of Amish individuals would like to live near each other? What if the community was being built for Chassidic Jews? In the meantime, let's see what would happen if liberals got together and decided they'd have developments of homes, shops, and schools that cater to their every politically correct opinion. What could we call it? Oh yeah, that's right: Martha's Vineyard! Or how about "The Hamptons"? Nah, those are taken already, and if you try to take the name from them they've got lawyers on speed-dial.

Now that your BP is up, let me bring it down. The property developers for the town of Ave Maria have a website that shows their plans and offers information to those who want it. I'm hoping they plan a housing development for retired priests in the next 40 years. I'm not getting any younger.


Linuxuser said...

Hi Father,

This is something the MSM is great at, messing everything up. I like the look of Church

canon1753 said...

I think another place would be the entire state of VT as a liberal mecca

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work on my computer. Oh well. :)

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Fr. J.,
Many thanks for the video.

ABC's "Good Morning America" didn't quite get their facts right, did they ?
Over here in England, Catholics are "devout". Protestants are "staunch". I thought it was the same in the U.S.

What's this rubbish about a possible "consitutional violation" ?
Are Amesh communities considered a violation of the constitution ?

And what's wrong with a town being called Ave Maria ?
Has ABC never heard of Corpus Christi, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, etc., etc.

(The best we can do in England is the city of St. Albans.)

Many, many thanks for that OTHER video, posted by Fr. Z. on his blog WDTPRS. It was brilliant.

Bless you.

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Martha's Vineyard? How about San Francisco? or Austin?

And the ACLU? One more example of how liberalism leads to religious persecution. The only Constitutional considerations here are the rights of freedom of association and free exercise of religion.