Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Michigan seems like a dream to me now."

The seminarians of the Diocese of Saginaw have jumped into the deep end of the New Evangelization on their blog. Their great contribution takes the form of 3 videos (available on YouTube as well as their website) which parody Apple's "PC versus Mac" ad campaign, which show the differences between Natural Family Planning and contraception.

Check them out, or more importantly, play them for high schoolers! It's YouTube, so they probably have the website bookmarked on their computers already! There's your "foot in the door"! Also, play them for the kids about to go off to college! They're about to get hit with the mantra of "condoms mean you care", and, "Going on the Pill means you're being responsible". Last week (July 25th to be exact), we passed the 39th anniversary of the release of Pope Paul VI's prophetic encyclical Humanae Vitae, but I know clergy and laity who won't read it because "it's too long" and they "don't have the time" (although they seem to have the time and attention spans to read 600-paged Harry Potter books in 3 days!). You Tube videos and Podcasts are the ways we can get out the message in this techno-culture.

The Saginaw sems' YouTube page (with the 3 videos they've made so far) can be found here.

Great job, you Young Fogeys!


Saginaw said...

Thanks for the endorsement! We are trying to do everything we can to be faithful to Mother Church and get the message of the true Gospel out into the world.

Considering the topic of your blog you might be interested in two posts I've done, please check them out and leave a comment telling me what you think!




John Seymour said...

re Humanae Vitae, I also had heard or read people bemoan its length and so was stunned when I actually printed it of to read and discovered it was only a few pages long.

It is short, concise and relatively straightforward (sadly, this is not always true of documents coming from Rome). No one (at least no Catholic) has any excuse for not reading it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great videos!

I guess you should have a young fogeys club!?