Thursday, July 19, 2007

PGN Archives Online

As many of you know, for the past four years I've been the host of a half-hour radio show produced by my diocese called, "Proclaim the Good News". It airs at different times on different days of the weekend on local AM stations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as EWTN affiliate New Jersey Catholic Radio and the Ave Maria Radio network in Michigan. Each of the stations have websites, but only one (Jim Manfredonia over at NJ Catholic Radio) actually made the show available at any time for streaming or for downloading. I know that we're an "on-demand" culture, and for years I've wanted to make episodes of PGN available online for anyone to listen to at any time. Well now it's done.

I've recently set up an account on Podbean to archive the shows and make them available for listening at any time. Or, if you'd like, you can download any episode from your computer to your mp3 player or iPod.

You can access the archives for PGN from anywhere in cyberspace by going to and entering a keyword ("Proclaim", "Metuchen", or even "Toborowsky") in their search engine. Or, from this blogpage, click on the "Proclaim The Good news Radio Show Archives" link on the right. If you establish an account with Podbean, you can even subscribe to the show, and they'll inform you when new episodes have been uploaded for your listening pleasure. I've uploaded a few past shows just to get started.

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