Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Serratelli on "Sacred"

When I was a college seminarian at Seton Hall University, a Priest from the major seminary, Father Arthur Serratelli, used to come to our residence, St. Andrew's Hall, give spiritual direction to his directees, and then stay for Night Prayer and be available for Confessions for any of the seminary community.

Years later, "Father" Serratelli is now "Bishop" Serratelli of the Diocese of Paterson, and he's recently published the first of four articles on the need for the Church to restore a sense of the sacred (a.k.a. the holy, the other-worldly, take your pick).

You can read the whole article by clicking here. Not sure if you're interested? Here are some quotes from the article that may pique your interest:

"Church means, for some, simply the assembly of like-minded believers who organize themselves and make their own rules and dogmas."

"Old songs were jettisoned. The guitar replaced the organ. Some priests even began to walk down the road of liturgical innovation, only to discover it was a dead end."

"Walk into any church today before Mass and you will notice that the silence that should embrace those who stand in God’s House is gone. Even the Church is no longer a sacred place. Gathering for Mass sometimes becomes as noisy as gathering for any other social event."

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