Friday, June 29, 2007


Just like Rush Limbaugh, I get to share with you an "I told you so" moment. You have no choice, so listen up:

Last November, I posted about the feeding frenzy pop-culture was having to get their hands on a PlayStation 3. Well, November has come and gone, and PS3 is 'old news'. Stories abound today about the newest "possession obsession": the iPhone.

Like I said last November, this is where our culture is at: Last week everyone was complaining to reporters about rising gasoline prices and how their summer vacations will have to be abandoned. Today everyone is lining up outside of stores for the privilege to shell out $500. (or $600. if you want the extended memory), plus commit to another $60.00 per month for a minimum of 24 months ($1,440.00) for the service contract. Others are offering to sell their places in line to the "I want it without the effort" crowd for a nifty little profit.

Here follows the ITYS moment: You wonder why vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life are in a "crisis"? Don't blame celibacy. Don't blame the sexual abuse crisis.

  • Blame commitment ("I know I committed to a 3-year contract on this cellphone a year ago, but do I really have to stick to that? There's a new phone I want to commit to!).
  • Blame the "instant gratification" society ("I know I got a $250. BlackBerry last Christmas, but this is newer and I neeeeeed it.").
  • Blame prosperity. If average people can spend betwen five and six hundred dollars for phone service that they can get for much less money, then I'm done buying this "gloom & doom" stuff about our economy.
  • Feel free to get ticked by the "Can I pay you for your spot in line?" crowd ("Yes, we need Priests and religious, but not my son or my daughter", or, "I understand that Father needs to cut down our Mass schedule, but he'd better not eliminate my Mass!").
  • And, while we're at at, blame the parish Priests who'll be bragging to their parishioners that they got one of these phones (see whether you hear it mentioned in the homily at Mass this weekend). Remind Father that, if anyone, he should have "no other god(s)".

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