Monday, June 18, 2007

God Wants Souls, Not Numbers

Fr. Tim Finigan is a fellow blogger who recently posted a homily which has such a key concept for everyone to "get their arms around" (with my emphasis added):

"But the other day, I was being interviewed for a programme to be broadcast on EWTN and the interviewer spoke of the parish and asked about its 'success.' I think it was a light given by the Holy Spirit which prompted me immediately to say that I will only know whether the parish has been a success at the last judgement when our Lord will show me how many parishioners have been saved.

Our “success” or “failure” as a parish is not measured by how we feel or how much money we raise or how many activities we can arrange. The true success of all our endeavours in the Church will be measured by how many of us are saved and go to heaven. A consequence of this view of 'success' in a parish is that all our activities should be directed towards this final end."

Amen, brother!

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