Thursday, November 30, 2006

Great Saint Andrew, Friend of Jesus...

"...Lover of his glorious cross.
Quickly, at the Master's bidding,
Called from ease to pain and loss.
Strong Saint Andrew, Simon's brother,
Like him started life anew,
Gladly spread the holy gospel
Which from Word of God he drew.
Blest Saint Andrew, noble herald,
True apostle, martyr bold,
Who by deeds his words confirming
Sealed with blood the truth he told."

Today's Feast of the Apostle St. Andrew always has a special place in my heart because of the two years I spent at St. Andrew's Hall, the College Seminary at Seton Hall University. In fact, the picture here is from my own personal stash; this statue of St. Andrew can be found in the chapel of the college seminary; his right arm is holding a miniature of the seminary building. I can remember how the thought of spending two years there seemed like such a long time. Then I finished that and spent four very fast years at Mount St. Mary's Seminary. Now, it's been a little over eight years since I left Emmitsburg, and it is almost unthinkable that it's been that long.

The word "seminary" is rooted in the word seed; the idea being that it is a place where a vocation to the Priesthood can be fed and grow. So many memories come back as I remember people and events from those two years. Say a prayer today for the men who currently study at the house on Centre Street, for those who studied there and for those whom God will call to study there in the future.

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