Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Good Grief!

First, let me say that there was something much more profound (well, as profound as you can get coming from me) set to be posted. Then my computer went all crazy and the post was gone. So I'm afraid you'll have to settle for this.

Yesterday was one of those Charlie Brown days (and I mean this guy pictured, not the American Monsignor of the same name who works for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith). I had a couple come in who wants to get married. We had a fine meeting and at the end the bride-to-be shook my hand and said, "I'm so glad I met you." It's one of those moments which make the Priesthood fulfilling.

I should have called it a day right there, and ended on a high note. But no.

After the meeting I taught my weekly adult education class. As usual, I began (a la Carol Burnett) by asking if they had any questions. A new face was there; someone I never saw in the 3+ years I've been teaching this class at my parish. Out of the blue, she asked a question about why we've changed something at our weekend Masses. I answered that not all change is bad, there's variety in life, etc. What followed was what I know to be usual, but perhaps a first-timer did not. The crowd that attends is pretty regular. Everybody knows everybody else, and that familiarity allows for some interesting remarks. Well she didn't know that, and when she felt the crowd "turn on her", she picked up her bag, tucked her chair under the table, and walked out. Whereupon I spent the rest of my night wondering if I answered wrong, if I could've controlled the crowd, etc.

I should have called it a day and ended on a high note, but no. Good grief.

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