Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Conspiracy Theorist?

The media is going nuts with this JFK/19 year old intern story. Her story is everywhere, newspaper, TV, and each time with ALL the gory details/  What makes it odd is that the mainstream media is giving her airtime.  Remember, this is the same gang who all but ignored the Kinear/Holmes miniseries when that was going to air, simply because it implied infidelity (amongst other things).

Why suddenly throw JFK under the bus? They haven't run these kind of stories since the Clinton/Lewinsky stuff in the 90s.  Remember how we heard stories about Jefferson and Sally Hemings, Ike and Kate Summersby, FDR and Lucy Rutherfurd, always with the spin that this was normal for "powerful men" to do.  It just seems odd that they'd turn on the grandaddy of icons.   Unless something bigger was on the line.....

You heard it here from me. They're paving the way for something. Some big affair is about to hit the news that the media feel the need to dilute and get the people ready for.

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