Saturday, February 04, 2012

How much money does Komen really make (and how much of that did Planned Parenthood expect to get)?

May I direct you by this LINK to a blog entry that talks about the Komen/PP money trail.  Let me whet the appetite with one quote:
"...the millions of dollars that Susan G. Komen has given to Planned Parenthood over the years has helped subsidize innumerable abortions, whether we want it to or not.  That's just the way money works: if someone picks up the tab for your dinner, you can use your dinner money to buy something else, like dessert.  Only in Planned Parenthood's case, that money is going toward abortion, not dessert."

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ProudCatholic said...

What a disgrace that this organization gave in. To show the great lie and the "great liar" who is behind any evil, most especially abortion... Susan G. Komen was accused of and criticized for dropping Planned Parenthood funding because of political pressure (they mamby-pambyed the reason for their decision saying basically it was not economically wise). AFter less than a day of a barrage of criticism by liberal politicians and liberal organizations and various pro-abortion groups, they backed off--and that was hailed not as giving in to political pressure but as being brave for standing against the naive and evil pro-life groups. Doesn't everyone see the great lie in all this. Now we are going to have to hear about how many billions of more dollars they are getting for their "brave" (really cowardly) stance. We'll have to listen to this, along with the continued sneering against anyone even mentioning prayer in public, the continued movement to ban all faith-based speech from the public square, and last-but-so-not-least--FORCE our catholics/christian hospitals to dispense contraceptives and perform abortions...GRRRRR..Where's our furious catholics..we should be hearing ALL OF OUR clergy raising the roof on this, let alone our fellow Catholics.If I mention it, it is considered radical--huh? How did it get to the point, where we are letting the public square influence the message from the pulpits? I come to church to hear the TRUTH. I get enough fluff, lies, and "let's make everyone feel good about themselves" from every other place. In church, I want the bold truth--no matter how hard it hurts. Better a little hurt now than to lose eternity forever.
If we are not going to make a stand now, when will we??
Enough is enough..let's all get out there in our churches and in the public square and show we are not going to take this anymore!!!