Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Is this all a bluff?

Is President Obama really going headstrong with this attack on the Catholic Church in an election year?

Or in the summer (remember, the mandatory stuff doesn't kick in until 2013) does he ask for a sitdown with some Bishops, graciously agree to exempt the Church from having to pay for the morally illicit items, and come out looking like a "friend" to Catholics?

Does this get him a photo-op surrounded by Catholic hierarchy where everyone is smiling and shaking hands?  Does this get some Catholics to think "He's not so bad" just weeks before re-election?  Do they get all sentimental about why they voted for him back in '08?

Just wondering.

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ProudCatholic said...

Totally agree with you. This would have been considered political paranoiac thinking at one time. Now, I think it is not only possible but highly probable. It could also be a way to test how willing we are to fight when really pushed against the wall hard. My greatest fear is that we will merely fall over. It doesn't seem that way now, but who knows? It wasn't so long ago we had a number of conservative politicians holding the pro-life line against the health care bill only to cave in during the final moments when the bill (unread, mind you) was suddenly put up to a whirlwind vote, citing the Administration's vague willingness to compromise on this very issue (and it was warned then that this was not in writing and would proably change). There is so much bad in this bill for Catholics, so much against what Christ taught, the worst of which is what has gotten the greatest attention (deservedly so), but there is so much more. I am taking action and praying and fasting and I am hoping that in the end two things come of this whole thing, besides overturning this health mandate that promotes abortion and contraception--1) I hope the politicians find that the Administration has awakened a sleeping and angry giant who will never sleep again and only grow in power and strength, unity and courage and 2) that our church leadership will not show any appreciation to these politicians for doing what they should have done in the first place and go even further in the fight and get their back against the wall for a change. I hope..and I pray..