Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday, 2009

Click HERE for this year's Lenten message from Pope Benedict.

Click HERE for a past blog entry with a great quote from Papa Ratzinger on the Lenten season.

Click HERE for an article by a Benedictine about just what is to be gained by "giving something up" for Lent?

Click HERE for a past blog entry in which a Cardinal of the Church gives his thoughts about what goes through your mind if it's your duty to impose ashes on the Pope!

Click HERE for a part of the website of the North American College in Rome, which explains the ancient devotion of the "Lenten stational churches".  Each of the 44 churches are listed, along with their history and some pictures.

Click HERE for a link to a "virtual Lenten retreat" being posted on the internet by a group of Dominican students.  Each day during Lent, a new entry will appear with scriptural readings, reflections, etc.  Their website is called "Godzdogz" (think about it: God = Domini, and dog = Cane.  So Godzdogz = Dominicanes.  Get it?)

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