Monday, February 23, 2009

Dolan on You Tube

Just some past video of the new Archbishop of New York, for those who have read about him, but may not have seen him in action:

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The Byzantine Rambler said...

The first video has several errors.

First, the Archbishop states that Jesus was crucified on the day of preparation of the Passover. Anyone knowledgeable of Greek knows that "Day of Preparation" is Paraskeve - the day before the Sabbath. That is, Saturday.

Secondly, the Church Fathers determined date of Pascha to break a connection to the celebration of the Jewish Passover. At the time there were groups of Christians celebrating Pascha on the Jewish calendar date of 14 Nisan. By tying the celebration to the equinox there would be a loose but separate relation to the timing of the Passover. Easter would be a spring-time celebration.

Finally, Orthodox Christians follow not a "completely different calendar" per se, but the Julian Calendar, which sets the date of the Equinox on the same day of the Month, but thus on a different physical day. The method of calculation is the same.

But then again, your readers knew all of this! :D