Saturday, February 21, 2009

Father Landry on "Octomom"

Father Roger Landry is the editor of "The Anchor", the newspaper for the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts.  Though we missed each other at Mount St. Mary's Seminary, we got to know each other at retreats and other events.

I came across his website recently, and amongst the things he keeps there are the weekly editorials he writes for the Anchor.  I've put a permanent link to those editorials on this blog (under "Catholic Links").

This week his editorial looks at the media hype over Nadya Suleman and her octuplets.  If you need some incentive, here's a piece of it:
Conservative columnist Jeff Jacoby picked up on this pro-choice connection in a February 11 column in the Boston Globe when he wrote, “What are we to make of all this criticism? Is it once again acceptable in politically-correct society to disparage other people's unconventional or unwise reproductive decisions? … It was only a couple of weeks ago, after all, that the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade was being commemorated with the customary paeans to the right of American women to make their own decisions about pregnancy and parenthood. Haven't we been told for years that society has no authority to second-guess what a woman does with her own body? Haven't the champions of ‘choice’ and ‘reproductive freedom’ repeatedly instructed us that what happens in a woman's womb is between her and her doctor? How is it that so many feel free to pass judgment on the choices made by Suleman and her doctors, let alone to call for new regulations banning such choices in the future? … 

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