Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Commercials

  1. NBC refused to show a commercial from about the sanctity of human life, but I just watched a commercial for the movie Angels and Demons, which talks about the destruction of Vatican City and shows St. Peter's Basilica exploding.
  2. How many commercials involves people getting really, really hurt?  I mean, the Bud Light guy getting thrown out of a window, the Doritos guy getting smashed by a bus, and the Pepsi Max guys having all sorts of stuff happen to them.  This was the kind of stuff that used to happen to the coyote when he chased the Roadrunner on Saturday morning cartoons.
  3. Commercials with animals seem to be big this year.  The Pedigree adoption one was great.  Budweiser always has great ones with horses.


Bob Cavalcante Jr. said...

Father, I had to turn off the SuperBowl just 10 minutes into it for that very reason. They pulled the commercial yet played one for "Angels and Demons". I wrote a blog post on NBC's apparent anti-Catholic leanings (intentional or unintentional) just last night:

God Bless!
Bob Cavalcante

standmickey said...

I'm a Comcast subscriber in Tucson, so the highlight of the evening for me was the 30 seconds of hard-core porn that cut in right after the Cardinals' touchdown. They're now saying it was deliberate sabotage from a laid-off employee. The sad part is that for the first couple seconds, we all thought it was just another Viagra ad.

matthew archbold said...

They need to silence us because they know if we're allowed an open air argument, we win.