Saturday, July 26, 2008

Randy Pausch Lecture

By now, you may have heard the news of the death of Professor Randy Pausch.  Pausch was diagnosed with terminal cancer just one month before he was scheduled to give a lecture at Carnegie-Mellon called the "Last Lecture".  The premise of the "Last Lecture" is this:  If you could give your students just one more lecture, what would you say?  For most, it was a theoretical exercise; for Randy, it was real.

YouTube has that lecture posted.  Out of curiosity, I watched it this morning (it's about 80 minutes long).  I'm not into motivational, self-help speakers that conclude their talks with a pitch to buy their CDs, DVDs, or books.  This guy gives you his own dreams growing up, how he achieved them, and what he learned from the experience that might help anyone else to do the same.

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Ellen said...

I recently read his book and found it to be quite interesting. I don't normally read much in the non-fiction realm, but reading about him on the net, I was curious. I read the book in one day. I was inspired by the fact that he accepted his fate and decided to concentrate on living rather than dying.