Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For those who complain, "The Church only cares about money"

This was part of an e-mail I got from my sister (yes, she said I could reprint this part).  For the record, she is Jewish.
I went to a temple here and talked with a rabbi about joining the congregation, which sounded nice, until she gave me the application to fill out which asked "would I be giving the standard $1700 fee and $600 additional to worship on high holy days?"  I decided that Judaism may have to wait until I'm much more monetarily secure.
Now, it's been a while since I've been at a Synagogue for Sabbath services, so I don't remember: Do they take up a collection?   Supposing they don't, I started doing the math:  $1700 fee per year, divided by 52 weeks a year, comes to $32.69 a week.  I don't think that's so bad, considering that people will shell out about 40 bucks for a night at the movies.  Priests who read this and know what their average giver gives in a weekend envelope can judge this accordingly.  But she's one person; do you think the "fee" is more for a family?  Also, the fee is paid up front, whether you're there or not.  Now a good many people do send in their collection envelopes, even when they're away on vacation.  But a good deal do not.

Also, a "$600 additional" to worship on High Holy Days?  Now THERE'S an untapped resource that we haven't considered in the support of parishes.  Can you imagine parishes charging $600 for a seat at Mass for Christmas and Easter?  OK, maybe not the Easter Vigil or Christmas Day, but we could have a ball charging for seats at the 4pm Christmas Eve, when everybody and their brother wants to come in and get Mass over with.

You can bet that this little tidbit is coming out of my mouth, the next time someone starts giving me "ugly face" about the Church being obsessed with money.


Ellen said...

The money changers still exist!

matthew archbold said...

Maybe On Christmas or Easter I should slip the usher a $20 and get a better seat right up near the altar, huh?

Adoro said...

I'd never be able to afford to go to Mass! (You know, I shudder at the very thought!)

Moggy said...

No, we don't take up a collection. That would be handling money on the Sabbath, which isn't allowed.

I'd like to know where this synagogue is. The fee at mine is about $200 per year, High Holy Days included. It was the same at the one I attended before I moved here.

I'm guessing she went to a synagogue in a pricey area of town that caters to a rich congregation. If she tries another one, I have no doubt she'll find one that's more reasonably priced.

Anonymous said...

One MORE special collection, huh? How about this Friday too? We already have to extra if we want to attend PSR for the books of course, and now for the "special masses" like Holy Days of Obligation?
We already get "special" collected to death. But then again, that doesn't go into the parish funds...usually...I suppose.