Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Great T-Shirt, eh?

Have any of you ever eaten at a Buca di Beppo's restaurant?  Years ago, I was visiting Father C. John McCloskey, who used to run the Catholic Information Center & Bookstore in Washington, DC, when he suggested we go there for dinner.  I thought it was a local eatery with incredible Italian food.  Then, years later, with other Priests in Orlando, Florida, I was shocked to see another Buca's staring back at me.  In this Pauline Year, I suppose I should say I was knocked senseless off my horse (Yes, I know, there is no horse in the Scriptures, just relax).

Suffice to say, it's a great restaurant with great food and great pictures on the wall of Popes and Prelates.  In my previous parish, I was about 20 miles away from a location near Allentown, Pennsylvania.

As for the T-shirt, Buca's has recently started offering products for online sale.  You can get this shirt by clicking here.


Padre Steve said...

That's a cool shirt! I may have to try that place some time!

Young fogey emeritus said...

I noticed one and assumed it was local too as the name - no 's - sounds so authentic (Google and Wikipedia told me that in a southern Italian dialect it means 'Joe's Basement'). I may try it soon as I know one Italian-American who respects the food there and would share one of the place's famously huge portions with me. The 'great pictures on the wall of Popes and prelates' say something good about it!

father michael said...

Buca's is an annual stop for us seminarians at St. Vincent before going to a Pirates' game in the fall.
Good place.