Monday, January 30, 2012

A political rant

I don't care who Iowans voted for, nor do I care about whom the Republicans of New Hampshire or South Carolina chose.  I don't care whom Floridians choose tomorrow.  They live where they live, and I live where I live.  These different primary dates may have been necessary before instant communication technology, when candidates had to physically be in a state to be an effective campaigner.  But we don't need them anymore.

Let's have just one primary date in America, when all 50 states go to the polls to choose their parties' nominees for elected offices ranging from the President of the United States to local dog catcher and everything in between.  Boards of Education and Fire Commissioner elections usually have not only candidates on the ballot, but also the approval of their respective annual budgets; let's get a bigger turnout at those!

Please save me from hours and hours of pundits sucking up all the TV time telling me how a candidate did at a rally in Iowa and how it is supposed to affect me (I really don't care what they think, either).  He or she will likely be out of race before New Jersey has their primary.  Finally, I don't care how rich candidates are, how many speeding tickets their children have, or what they thought, said, or wrote any time before 2005.  I don't care if they're too fat or too skinny, how they dress, or what kind of pets they have.

Again I say, save me from the TV pundits.  They make me hate politics.


Karen Williams said...

Amen Father Jay!
I second that emotion.

Fr. Peter said...