Sunday, July 11, 2010

Newsflash: Prince Charles poised to alienate English Catholics

From the London Telegraph:


ProudCatholic said...

How cowardly of the Prince. I know he's just a figurehead and not a true leader of the country but nonetheless its clear that he feels the meeting would be acknowledging the Pope's prominence and be taken as a token of esteem, and I'm sure he's plain scared to be seen together with the Pope especially in Europe, where its very popular to bash and disrespect the Catholic Church and it's Shepherd).When you are a member of Royal Family, you show respect to all those dignitaries visiting your country. Funny that he doesn't have the decency to show the respect the Shepherd of the largest congregation in the world deserves because he is afraid how it would look, this from a man whose affair and divorce embarassed the crowns off of the royal family. I'm sure Princess Diana would have been honored and would have gladly met with the Pope and discussed any topic whether they agreed or disagreed; I hope that her sons step in and step up to the occasion during the Pope's visit and show their father what dignity, grace, hospitality, respect and open communication are all about.

Arthur said...

The Church's position on contraception didn't prevent Prince Charles and Camilla from meeting with Pope Benedict in a private audience at the Vatican in April, 2009, nor did the Church's position on contraception prevent Prince Charles and Camilla from participationg in a photo op with Pope Benedict at the Vatican in April, 2009.

Prince Charles is behaving like a petulant child. He is annoyed because he wants his own, privated meeting with Pope Benedict in Scotland, separate from the Pope's luncheon/meeting with Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. The Pope's schedule can't accomodate such a meeting; however, the Vatican has extended an invitation to Prince Charles to attend an inter-faith Church service, but Prince Charles has not, as of this date, accepted the Vatican's invitation.

The Pope's visit to Great Britain is a State Occasion and Queen Elizabeth is Head of State. Pope Benedict's meeting with Queen Elizabeth is appropriate and Prince Charles should fall in line and not try to usurp his mother's position in this regard.

Nancy said...

Consider poor Prince Charles. His mother is still pretty healthy at 84 and given the track record of longevity in her family - her mother died in her 100s and was spry until the last year or so - she could still be around for many more years. It may end up that Charles, waiting all his life to be king, will only be so for only a very brief time, it at all. And then, if the polls are to believed, most of his future subjects would rather see his son William on the throne than him.

It's tough being the perennial second fiddle.