Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Haiku for Those Who Leave Mass Early

I see you each week.
Receiving Our Lord, then out.
Hope you get Hem'rhoids.


BRYCE said...

I enjoyed this one !

Fr. Selvester said...



Ellen said...

Bwaaaahahaha. Love it. Our friend, who is an imposing 6'6" has been often asked to stand at the door at communion time to discourage leaving. He doesn't like to do that, but on the one occasion he did, no one left!

ProudCatholic said...

Oh man, Father. I haven't thought of haikus in so long..I actually counted the syllables and said, "yep, that's a haiku!"
As for the topic--absolutely! What about the people who actually time masses so they make communion and then leave early. An usher once actually had a woman come in, ask at what point they were at at the mass and was disappointed they were "only" up to the first reading and said "I'll come back later!" She then proceeded to go outside, make some phone calls on the cell phone, and then stroll back in from the other side to receive, or should I say, scarf down (in her case) the Eucharist and leave. Are they kidding? It's as if they think God has a clipboard with names and says.."Eucharist received..check!" What little sacrifice God asks us to make. What great sacrifice He has given us all. Not wanting to spend at the very least a whole Mass once a week has got to be such an insult to the Lord. When you love someone with your whole heart, you should want to spend as much time with them as possible. How do you justify yourself to the Lord? What would you actually say to Him. I'm sure these same people spend ample amounts of time shopping, at the beach, barbequeing, watching sports, even standing on line waiting for their food for a total of hours. It's very very sad. You're kind to only wish hemmorhoids on them.

thomas tucker said...

I do it ev'ry morning
I have to get to work
On time.

Unknown said...

ok.... I never leave early... but there was this ONE time where I decided to sneak out early trying to avoid getting stuck talking to someone... well, I got as far as the car when I was caught by the priest who is also my director... I think he used some kind of Star Trek technique to come literally out of nowhere and said "leaving early?"... I nearly died... but, I suppose I got God's point quite clearly... ;) Terrible I know... maybe you shouldn't post this 0:)

Victor S E Moubarak said...

OK ... consider this:

What if ... the church doors were closed 3 minutes before Mass started and re-opened after the priest and Altar servers left the altar - thus allowing no one in or out during Mass. Ushers could be posted at the doors so they don't need to be literally locked.

What then?

If you were meeting the Queen (UK) or the President (USA) would you turn up late and leave early whilst they're still talking? Why do it to God?

God bless.

ProudCatholic said...

I have been in churches that do this, though rare. I think it's a fantastic idea. Shut the doors, I say.

I've been in another state visiting and got the wrong time that Mass started off the internet. When I showed up, it was midway through the Gospel. What did i do? I waited another hour and a half for the next mass to start. That is how much I respect God and the Mass and that is how much I respect the priests and fellow parishioners. Did it cut into the rest of my plans for that particular day of vacation--yeah..but so what? I wouldn't be here to enjoy a vacation if it weren't for God. With all He sacrificed for us, waiting for the next Mass is nothing but a token, but the least we can give.
And similar to what you said, I heard a great reflection by a priest..If you received a special audience with the President, would you show up in casual attire, would you be late? No? Why? Is it because of the respect you feel for that person, the honor you feel being chosen to be in their presence, the esteem with which everyone holds that person that you are meeting with? Then how can you not show God the same (at least!). Our actions mean something, it reflects what is in our hearts. It's not so much what we do, it's how it measures up to all our other values. If you are more than willing to sit 2 hours waiting for a table at a fancy restaurant but can't make it 30 minutes earlier to make sure you are on time for Mass or leave Mass early because you just need to get to the Mall asap, your priorities say it all.