Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Canada wrap-up

I'm sorry that I'm only now getting around to putting fingers to keyboard, but time slipped away upon my arrival home last Monday. In my last entry I said I was heading off to Niagara Falls, which I did do, but upon my arrival I found a sign on the door of the hotel's Business Center which read, "Sorry, internet service not working".

All in all, it was a great trip up north. Some people don't think there is such a thing as a relaxing vacation in a cold climate, but there are things like hats and gloves and sweatshirts, y'know?   Others posit, "How can you go on vacation alone?" But let me tell you, while I do enjoy the times I go away with friends and family, there is something freeing about not having to wonder what the other person(s) on the trip want to do. Would anyone else want to spend 2 hours at the Hockey Hall of Fame? No way (unless I was being inducted). Of course, with regards to the supernatural level, one of the best things about being a Priest is that you can say Mass whatever time you want, without worrying about how far away the local parish is and what their Mass schedule is. But enough with me writing; how about some pictures...

Making my way through customs into Canada

Tim Horton's = the Dunkin' Donuts of Canada,
and my first stop.  I have arrived!

The entrance to the Hockey Hall of Fame

The Stanley Cup

The Air Canada Centre - home of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
I forgot my camera, so this was taken with my phone.

On the ground,
looking up at the CN (Canadian National) Tower

and...... the tower, looking down on Toronto

The XM satellite radio studio,
home to NHL Home Ice (channel 204)

The gang at "Hockey This Morning"
were great to welcome me

Outside St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto,
a plaque give its history

Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant
(try the meat loaf!)

I've got a Bachelor's and 2 Master's Degrees,
and I have no idea what this means.

Maple Leaf Gardens
home to the Leafs from 1931 to 1999

A view of Niagara Falls
from outside the hotel

The American Falls
and the Rainbow Bridge

The Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls

Me at the HSBC Center in Buffalo,
The Sabres are doing their pre-game warm up

Ryan Miller rocks!

In nearby St. Catherine's,
watching the Sudbury Wolves
and the Niagara Ice Dogs

Me and the youngest of the Staal brothers,
who plays for the Wolves.

The Carmelites have a retreat center
located above the falls.
Previously, it was Mount Carmel College.

The Carmelite chapel

The Carmelite cemetery,
located next door in the parish
of Our Lady of Peace

Next door is "Loretto House",
a former convent, boarding school and retreat house.
The sisters recently sold it.
(this was taken from the falls looking up)

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caite said...

hey, I spent several hours in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Ohio and I have never even ridden a motorcycle, so I am sure someone would go to the Hockey Hall of Fame with you.

No one that I know, but someone...