Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Plenary Indulgence

(I just love putting a headline in that will drive anti-Catholics - and perhaps a few of our own brethren - nuts should they Google and stumble upon it.)

Today's daily bulletin from the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Our Lady's appearance in Lourdes (which will be celebrated in February of 2008), is allowing Catholics to receive a Plenary Indulgence.

My Italian is not super good, but essentially here's what the decree says: "On the occasion of 150th anniversary of the manifestation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Cave of Massabielle, neighbor to Lourdes, a Plenary Indulgence is granted daily to the faithful from the day of December 8, 2007 until the day December 8, 2008, when devoutly and in the conditions established, they will visit the Cave of Massabielle, and, from February 2 to 11, 2008, they will visit, in whichever temple, oratory, cave, or decorated place, the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lourdes is solemnly exposed for veneration by the public."

Now, not everyone can jump a plane and go to France, but the second part of the decree is key: From February 2-11, 2008, anyone will be able to receive the Plenary Indulgence daily at any church, shrine, outdoor grotto, etc., anywhere in the world (as long as it's an image of O.L. of Lourdes they're venerating). Your parish doesn't have a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes? Get a few people together and offer to buy one for the parish.

Start talking it up in your parishes. Some pastors will see the words "Plenary Indulgence" and immidiately resolve not to mark the occasion.


Unknown said...

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the manifestation of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Grotto of Massabielle, near Lourdes, a Plenary Indulgence will be granted daily to the faithful who, from December 8, 2007 through December 8, 2008, visit the Grotto of Massabielle piously and having fulfilled the usual conditions, and from February 2-11, 2008, who visit any church, oratory, grotto, or other suitable place where the blessed image of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lourdes is solemnly exposed for public veneration.

Ernie said...

What is sad is that you are so right. In my parish I am a little right leaning and my priest is very liberal. He always wants to have talks with me about the way I practice my faith and keeps telling me I live in the old church. Oh well. We will keep moving forward. Love your bog.

Unknown said...

Of course these can also be a source of a plenary indulgence. If you can't make it overseas, and can't find a parish with a Lourdes image, do pray a rosary with friends and spend a half hour reading Scripture!

Reading of Sacred Scripture
Recitation of the Marian Rosary (Rosarii marialis recitatio)
Exercise of the Way of the Cross
Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament