Friday, June 26, 2009

What's Going On

I'm sitting in my room at St. Thomas, on what will be the last Friday night that I'm stationed here, watching the NHL draft on TV, after having decimated a pizza from the Race Zone, who make one of the best bar pies I've had in my life.

The room is in a bit of disarray. Most of my things are already over at the St. Lawrence rectory, waiting for me to start unpacking. In the meantime, though, this place is a mix of boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and the bare minimum of clothes and stuff. It's a little surreal to see this room I've called home for a year feel so un-homely. I was kidding around with a local funeral director this afternoon, as I prepared to do a wake service for a deceased parishioner of my new parish. I told him that for the first, and probably only, time of my life, I've got two houses (I guess that makes Lawrence Harbor my "shore house"). It'll be exciting to move into the new rectory, but for now, I'm more concerned over moving my things out of this rectory.

So tomorrow morning, I have a funeral at St. Lawrence. Then, tomorrow evening, St. Thomas is having a reception to say goodbye to myself and Fr. Abraham Lotha, who is also leaving the parish. Last Sunday, I had two Masses at St. Thomas and one at St. Lawrence. This Sunday, so far, only two Masses at St. Thomas.


Helene said...

Dear Fr Jay-it so pains me to read this blog-"parting is such sweet sorrow"! I know that you are going to move on (as do everyone that comes to St. Thomas)and wish you the best! But why does this happen? We get to know a priest really well and then he is taken from us :(
Are we the "training" parish???

Dale & I wish you the best that life has to offer-PLEASE do not forget us here in East Brunswick/Old Bridge....and know that our door is always open for you.....

Helene & her son Dale

NCSue said...

Best wishes to you as you make the transition to your new parish, and God bless those whose parishes you serve as well.