Monday, June 08, 2009

My interview on The Journey Home

The interview I taped for EWTN's The Journey Home airs tonight at 8pm.  The cable company where I live only airs EWTN from 6am to 6pm, so I'm watching it on my computer on the streaming video feed (the US feed) that EWTN makes available through their website (click on "television" at the top of the webpage).

The show will re-air on Tuesday morning at 1am and 10am, Wednesday at 1pm, and Saturday at 11pm.


Damaris said...

Thank you for your yes to Christ. We the Church need you - because without priests we would not be able to receive our spiritual nourishment in the Eucharist which is soimportant to those if us who are restless without Him. May the Lord bless you always!

Obi said...

Father Jay,

I watched you on EWTN this evening and I was very inspired. Thank you for the good work you are doing for Christ Jesus and His Church. May He bless you abundantly.

Obi Emmanuel, Houston, Texas

Chris Osgood said...

Fr. Jay,

I am watching it right now!

Unknown said...

I also watched you this evening on the Journey Home program and I found myself thinking of some very dear Jewish friends. He is the only person I know who read the whole of Crossing the Threshold of Hope in one night. I was also reminded of the sister of a friend who grew up Roman Catholic but married a Jew and become the most orthodox of Jewish wives. It is interesting to contemplate the twists and turns of life. Thanks for your ministry.

Brian Murphy said...

Hello Fr. Jay -

I have been a fan of Journey Home for a long time - and I was suprised when I turned on the TV tonight and listened to a priest from NJ. It was a great interview!I am also from NJ, the Newark Archdiocese. God bless you - thank you for your witness and your priesthood.

Unknown said...

Saw you on the JH tonight, so I thought I'd check out your blog. So glad you mentioned the need for new media in our evangelization. I love listening to Catholic podcasts. I'll keep checking your blog.

Patty from Little Rock

Charlemagne said...

Fr. Jay T!

I got a call from another Mounty, Fr. Brian Geary, one of your classmates, and watched with great pride! Great work brother. Keep up the great work and know that you are in our daily prayers.

Fr. Carl Beekman

Ruth Ann Pilney said...

I, too, watched the Journey Home interview, which airs at 10 p.m. here. Father Jay, I enjoyed hearing your story and I'm just amazed at how God's grace works! And now I want to read your blog, too.

Janice said...

I have lived in Union County all my life and your stories reminded me of home. Also, your straightforward drive to the Catholic Church that just "happened" it seems is refreshing.

I have an interesting spiritual journey that is plagued with heaviness and struggles. God bless you!

Janice said...

I enjoyed your straightforward story about getting interested in the Catholic Church little by little, especially by going to daily mass.
That daily mass with those faithful people going every day was and still is a powerful witness to the Catholic Church.

C. E. Abbott said...

Hi Fr. Jay!
It was cool to see you on "The JH!" Interesting conversion story. I only wish we could have been able to call in and ask questions, as is the norm for that program.

Congrats on your new assignement! I hope they realize how blessed they are to be getting you! You are very missed at St. Mary's! The parish, or as it seems to me, has never been the same after your parting. Your powerful homilies, which touched our lives and our hearts, not to mention the many times you made us laugh out loud, are also terribly missed!

Wishing you all the very best Fr. Jay and it is always a delight to see you on EWTN! Keep up the great work in your service to God and His Holy Church!
God bless you!
Cindy G.

Anonymous said...

Hello father Jay,
I have been trying to watch EWTN for a while. I'm not a big fan of tv because I tend to tune on crappy tv,, like home decoration or food channel, and then time flies! So anyway I just switched off tv for a while but I also try to spend time in the living with my husband when he has to work at night. So here I was turning on ewtn, I usually watch about 5 min before I have to change, simply because I can't relate to what they talk about...
But yesterday I listened to you and the animator. It was a good talk. I'm glad I saw it. Personal stories are very interesting, I love to see God at work in my life and in other people's. My husband is presbyterian, but he listened some parts of your story too.
I really liked your comparison with the pizza, I would say my faith is not the cheese but the dough of my pizza :)
Anyway I just wanted to say "congratulations! You made the first show that I could actually watch and get interested in, on the EWTN!"

Thanks :)

Fr. Brian Geary said...

Fr. Jay,

I enjoyed seeing and hearing you on the JH last night. God bless your priesthood. I will check your blog regularly now that I know about it.


Fr. Brian Geary MSM 98

PJMULVEY said...

Hello Father:

Your interview brought back memories of my NYC childhood. Young boys in the city are the most ecumenical of all social groups and equally respectful. Unfortunately, through adult socialization those fraternal ties start to fray over time but you do see residual behavior in the military and workplace. If you were called names or teased by your neighborhood buddies when you were a little Jewish boy, you would have built up an animus against Catholicism that would have been difficult to overcome.

Your parting words about living your life as a Christian were very wise. When I met my wife she was 'spiritual' from a non-church background. She converted to Catholicism because of my late saintly mother (similar to your grandmother in many ways) and in spite of my oftentimes bad example and behavior. Her grandfather, a searcher of the truth throughout his whole life, converted to Catholicism during his final illness and held off death till Easter Sunday - he kept asking every day in a whisper if it was Easter yet.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

God Bless you and your work.


C.S. said...

Fr. Jay You have a very loving and humble presence, a bit shy, but very committed.

I was raised as nothing . My mom
and Grandmother Jewish, my dad Irish. The Jewish side of the family mostly secular or Mason,- the Scottish Rite branch. Family went from Germany to Scotland to America. I never got to know my dad
- war causality.

I converted to the Catholic Church at age 18 after a very troubled life and abusive childhood.

In my 40s I began to search out my Jewish roots and my husband, of blessed memory, had discovered he had Jewish roots also. To make a long story short I fell in love with Judaism and converted. It felt like coming home. I now know it had more to do with my own personal need for inner healing than a rejection of anyone or anyway of being Christian.

I was afraid to make such a drastic change, tho I felt so drawn to do so after much study. I went to Mass one last time and in the Homily the Priest said something out of context to what he was talking about that was,a sock to my brain. He said, " if G-d is calling you to do something, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, you better do it"!!!! Whoa! The result for me being a deeper relationship with G-d the Father than I had ever known.

70 years young, now I am still taking care of one of my 7 kids. My profoundly Autistic daughter. Being unable to go to services at my Chabad Synagogue very often anymore as her care has become so intensive, I have been watching EWTN. I am seeing and hearing the Torah (truth, guidance, law) in so many ways!

I still believe I am where I am supposed to be as a student and pray-er for the my people. I love the WORD as the Jewish people teach the O.T. and the Oral Torah - Talmud, Mishnah, and things like the Midrash, Tanya and Sohar. Chassidic Jews have a great love for HaShem,(meaning The Name), that blesses me so much. I am deeply in love with G-d the Father.

I am grateful and thankful for my time in the Catholic Church. I have many memories of how that candle lit, incense fragrant space was such a comfort to me. Maybe I will be back some day. I do not know. The love the Catholic people have for the Jewish people blesses me also. I just want to say I love you too.
Shalom from Chanalee