Thursday, January 29, 2015

If you're still here...

It has been almost two years since I blogged about anything.  Yes, I'm still alive.  No, I haven't relocated to a secure hideout.

When I started this blog back in 2006, social media was still in its infancy.  Facebook had begun, but in its original form, it was intended only for students (anyone with a .edu e-mail address).  Then it became open to everyone, and I hopped on the bandwagon.

Facebook accomplished what I was doing with the blog: It allowed me to send out photos or links to articles that I found interesting.  Gradually, there was no need for Young Fogeys.

Add to that the fact that, in 2009, I became administrator and eventually pastor of a parish.  My workload increased.  My "writing fix" got satisfied because I resolved to write a column each week in my parish bulletin, something which continues to this day.  Articles that interest me and photographs I believe are worth sharing now get out to the world through my parish's Facebook page.  If you're on Facebook and you still want to see what I find interesting, "like" my parish's FB page.  If you want to read my weekly bulletin columns, you can get them via this LINK.

So, that's where we stand with Young Fogeys.  I'm not abandoning the name, partially because there are some serious freakazoids out there who might hijack it and pretend to be me whilst writing questionable stuff.  But I've also learned to "never say 'never'".  Maybe someday (since interest in Facebook is slowly but clearly beginning to diminish) I'll be back.

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