Sunday, October 16, 2011

Newsflash: 84 year old Pope is old!

The big story at the opening Mass for the Synod on the New Evangelization was not the call for a "Year of Faith".  It was the fact that the Pope stood on the same moveable platform built for Pope John Paul II.  I think that makes it a 2nd Class relic, doesn't it?

MSNBC made a point of reminding us that the Pope is "aging" (add to that USA Today and the AP).  Gotta love those reporters.  You think they had anonymous sources?  You think they did any research, digging out the Pope's birth certificate?  Maybe they can send their ace investigators to find our President's birth certificate.

A few things to remember here:

  1. Yes, the Pope is 84 years old.
  2. The aisle of St. Peter's Basilica is long.  Walking up the center aisle would be about the equivalent of walking a football field from goalpost to goalpost.
  3. The Pope is 5'6 (without miter).  The platform raises him up another two feet, allowing people to see him other than those who squeeze onto the aisle.
  4. A crazy woman jumped the Pope a few Christmases ago.  The platform makes it harder for nutjobs to get at him.
  5. Staying on the "crazy" tangent, there are mothers who literally hold their infants out into the aisle, hoping to get the Pope to stop by them.  The platform stops what must be child abuse in some form.


Elizabeth said...

LOL. The maistsream media is Soooo
adept at finding just the right focus! God Bless Pope Benedict!

Fr. Selvester said...

It's because the media (and quite a few bloggers too) hate this pope and are looking for any sign that he might be dead soon.

Anthony S. Layne said...

That came from all the chattering classes who didn't notice that the HF wasn't a spring chicken when he was elected. You think maybe someday they'll figure out he's not from Italy?