Friday, September 03, 2010

Pope on Solid Ground

From today's London Telegraph:

After the Pope presides at the beatification of Cardinal Newman in Birmingham later this month, he plans to travel to St Mary's College, Oscott, to have lunch and his customary siesta. When seminary staff checked the room he was due to stay in, they found that the joists, supporting the boards, were loose, making the room structurally unsound.

"The Holy Father wouldn't have fallen through the floor," Mgr Mark Crisp, the rector of Oscott, tells today's Tablet. "The strengthening of the room needed to be done so the Pope has done us a favour." Benedict XVI will stay in the Episcopium, the room normally assigned to travelling prelates. The Vatican recce team also felt the bed in the room was too high for the Benedict, who, at 83, needs to be able to climb in with ease, so a new one was acquired.

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