Thursday, August 12, 2010

Posh People at Trader Joe's

This morning, having nothing planned on my day off, I went to a Trader Joe's supermarket. I found about Trader Joe's years ago, and there are some things they sell that I absolutely love. Right now I live just far enough not to make a habit of going there, but close enough that it's entirely do-able.

It's kind of a "shi-shi" supermarket, with lots of organic stuff, lots of propaganda posters about preserving the environment, and, well lots of peculiar people. I like to think of it as "shopping and a show".

While walking around there today, what came to my mind were the series of 'Posh People' skits by the British comedian Catherine Tate. Watch this and you'll get the idea.


ProudCatholic said...

That was sooo hyterical. Unfortunately, I have known people like that. It's a little exaggerated of course--but trust me not by much! Growing up in a poor section of the Bronx, I seem to have a way different perspective than those who have never apparently lived or visited a "less than posh neighborhood." I died laughing at the scene when the mother and children accidentally turn into Tottenham, the apparently working class neighborhood (where people are dressed in casual attire).."We must stay calm and remember when we were in the safari in the Serengheti--Keep the doors and windows locked and don't let the locals see the wind whipers in case they try to rip them off! And for God sake--don't look them in the eye--they want you to but don't!" Hate to say but I've met a few native New Jerseyans like this. I also have to love the scene and the absolute reaction of horror when they discover on the picnic one child ate yogurt on the verge of the expiration date. The boy who consumed the "infected dairy produce," which he says serves him right for being a "greedy gobblegannett," consoles the adult: "Please don't blame yourself, Mrs. Taylor-Thomas, tin foil lids are so notoriously difficult to read!" Pleading with them to just save themselves! This was priceless..thanks for the laugh, Father.

ProudCatholic said...

one more thing I have to say, the scene with the mechanic coming to the door to drop off keys to a "God forbid!" rental car and the panic at having him at their very door ("We cannot understand what you are saying. Please just leave the keys and leave us in peace--Have mercy on us!) reminded me unfortunately of some parishioners who look down their noses on their own fellow parishioners or the people of other parishes of "less posh" areas. I've heard it once too often. Makes me angry, quite frankly, and certainly reminds me of a certain group in the Bible. Pretty "Pharisetical" if you ask me!

Unknown said...

I don't know about you, Fr. but I go for the 3-buck chuck! And the show.