Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Baptism of the Lord

On this Sunday's feast, part of my homily dealt with this stained glass image in my parish. When the church was built, it was the window in the Baptistry; now it's in the Reconciliation Room (or whatever the trendy term is nowadays. Personally, I'm all for "Penalty Box").

I love the little quirks of the picture: I love that the Jordan River is all of 18 inches wide (just enough for Jesus to stand in). I love that John the Baptist has a bunch of shamrocks growing behind him (I suppose it's because of the actions of the whole Trinity, but more realistically it's probably because the Pastor at the time was of Irish ancestry). I love the angel holding Jesus' cloak. I love that Jesus is looking at John's garment and wondering, "What's up with that bump?"

After Mass someone came up to me and said, "Father, thanks for telling me about that stained glass window. I've never seen it before." It took all of my self-control to make some sarcastic comment about her frequency of Confession. But by then I had 3 Masses, and I was a little tired, so I chose to punt.

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Unknown said...

Father ... your humor is hysterical... so refreshing... and makes me feel bad for you all at the same time because it's just like mine ;) But this blog entry literally made me bust out laughing. God Bless You... and thank you!