Thursday, January 15, 2009

US Airways plane crash into Hudson River

OK, now that the news reports are all in agreement that the passengers and flight crew are all safe, I can begin to laugh.  I laugh because I am such a fraidycat when it comes to flying, and maybe this is my defense mechanism.

News reports talk about how this might have been caused by damage to the engines caused by (to quote one news reporter) "a flock of seagulls".

I know he probably meant a flock of geese, but you know what that made me think of...

I mean, really, if these guys were on a plane with you, wouldn't you opt for bailing out?


Anonymous said...

I had never seen the video to that song.....LOL..
I WILL fly if I have to, but I don't like to either.
Praying everyone is OK from the crash.

standmickey said...

From the the reports I've read, it sounds like the pilot deserves lots of credit for getting everyone off OK. God bless him.