Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did he or didn't he?

I haven't seen the replay on YouTube yet, but I don't think Barack Obama said the whole oath of office.

Whether it was the Chief Justice's nervousness (it was his first Presidential oath of office, too), or the President-Elect's nervousness, I don't think he spoke the first part of the oath.

Now, do we have a leader?  Yeah.  But I'll make you a bet there's going to be a very quiet ducking into a small room in the Capitol, where he'll recite the oath again in its entirety.

In the meantime, the conspiracy kooks can decide whether "Bush's Chief Justice" intentionally screwed it up, whether Bush is still President, or whether Dick Cheney masterminded all of this from his wheelchair.


Ellen said...

I vote for your Dick Cheney suggestion - brilliant.

My understanding was that the Chief Justice chose to recite the oath from memory rather than read it. Freudian slip - he'll never tell.

Fr. Selvester said...

Actually, while the Constitution lays down the wording of the oath it is not the oath itself that makes him President. The duly elected person becomes President at noon on January 20th automatically. At some point he does have to be sworn in (all government officials do) but the Constitution makes him the President. Not the oath. There is no "form" and "matter" in government.