Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jan. 17 - St. Antony of the Desert

Today's feast day fools some people, who see "St. Anthony" in the Mass listing in their parish's bulletin and presume this is feast day of the Franciscan from Padua.  Not so.

This Anthony (or Antony) is from the 3rd century and considered the founder of monasticism (not too shabby).  His life story was written by Saint Athanasius, and is available in bookstores or by ordering online.

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Fr. Selvester said...

The Franciscan St. Anthony wasn't from Padua. He was born in Lisbon. Later, he became associated with Padua. But, sorry folks he was Portuguese, not Italian. Don't ever let the Portiguese hear you call him St. Anthony "of Padua". To them he is most definitely St. Anthony of Lisbon.