Friday, June 27, 2008

From "the body isn't even cold yet" department...

This morning it was announced that Pope Benedict has named St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke as Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Segnatura (essentially "Chief Justice" of the Supreme Court of the Roman Catholic Church).

The nomination by Pope Benedict also meant the end of Burke's 4 year and 5 month tenure as Archbishop of St. Louis; he stopped being St. Louis' Ordinary with the announcement of his move.  He will make a visit to Rome in early July for about 10 days, and then spend roughly 5 weeks back in St. Louis, before taking up his new position on August 22.

Obviously the staff here at Young Fogeys (which amounts to, well, me) congratulate the Archbishop on the nomination and assure him of our prayers in his future endeavors for the universal Church.

But in the meantime, Excellency, if you already have any Blues tickets for next season that you won't be able to use, I'm available!

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standmickey said...

Darn. I was hoping they'd appoint him Archbishop of Washington. Then we'd see just how Catholic some of those pro-choicers in Congress are!