Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Last of the Winter Virgins

Forget about the groundhog.

Today's feast of St. Agatha (of which my friend Fr. Guy has a great blog entry, having been to Catania himself for the festivities) marks the last of the four feast days of young virgin martyrs which the Church gives us during the winter months.

Beginning with St. Cecilia on November 22, then moving on to St. Lucy on December 13, then to St. Agnes on January 21, and concluding today, February 5, with St. Agatha, each month during the coldest and darkest months of the year, the Church gave us a saint with a similiar story: A young girl who dedicated her life to Christ, suffered because of it, and as a result died a nasty death. It's been written that "these four virginal lights illuminate the season of physical darkness."

Pauxatauny Phil? Stay in your hole. Once Agatha comes and goes, I know there's only 6 more weeks of winter, shadow or not.

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