Friday, February 22, 2008

Feast of the Chair of Peter

Two links for you on today's feast:

  1. The text of Pope Benedict's Feb 22, 2006 Wednesday Audience Catechesis on today's feast. I happened to be in Rome and at that audience, and the big surprise was that he announced his intention to name new Cardinals at the end. Sadly, what this meant was that everyone forgot the great teaching he gave on the feast.
  2. Through the magic of the internet, this is a link to the blog of an English seminarian who took photos of the decorations at St. Peter's Basilica on the feast day last year. You can see how they decorate the pilgrim statue of St. Peter, as well as the Altar of the Chair.

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Rachel said...

I remember that exact day very well, it was the day I baptised my 14 day old son in an emergency baptism. He had just finished nursing and when I layed him down he spit up and asphyxiated. I called 911 and performed CPR to no avail, even the paramedics could not get him to breathe on his own,they performed CPR and gave him oxygen all the way to the hospital.He was baptised with Epiphany Holy water right in the Emergency room, that is when he took his first breath since when I had layed him down. He let out a wonderful cry I thank God for. I called our local FSSP priest to come to the hospital and he told me no matter what happens to say an Our Father right then and there and trust in God's will. So fitting, May God Bless us with more Holy Priests and preserve the ones we have!!!
By the way, I named my son Mateo Toribio and the baptism ceremony was finished a few weeks later on the Feast of the Annunciation. Viva Cristo Rey!