Thursday, September 03, 2009

Saint Gregory the Great

I apologize, o faithful readers of this blog, for my negligence in posting things for YFs everywhere to feast upon (as well as those who read the blog for other reasons). Once the Feast of the Assumption comes around in the life of a parish Priest, the summer lull has ended and the workload picks up again. This year, especially, I've been occupied in getting my first glimpses of the different groups, ministries, etc., here at St. Lawrence. I hope to be more regular in the future when it comes to launching things into the blogosphere. The whispers tell me it will be a memorable autumn, so hang in there and don't stop coming back to check for new entries.

Today's feast reminded me of the altar in St. Peter's Basilica in which St. Gregory's remains are interred. Not much to write about today, but here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. The first one is the table to be found at the Church of St. Gregory the Great in Rome (technically called the "Church of Saints Andrew and Gregory on the Coelian Hill"). This is traditionally a table from which Pope St. Gregory served food to the poor. The bottom two pics are his tomb in St. Peter's.

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